The Benefits of Metal-to-Plastic Conversions

The Benefits of Metal-to-Plastic Conversions

iStock_000019252181XSmallAt Plastic Molding Technology, Inc., one of the trends we’re most excited about is metal-to-plastic conversions.

Technology innovations in today’s ever-evolving plastics industry have allowed suppliers to improve products by replacing traditionally metal components with highly engineered plastics. Using engineered plastic resins that compete with metal in terms of strength and durability, complex structural designs are developed in-house by our engineering team. Even with complex design specifications, plastic components cost less to produce with injection-molding processes.

There are many surprising benefits in translating metal parts or components into plastics. For example, plastics have:

  • A high tensile strength
  • Lower manufacturing costs, with an overall cost savings of 25 to 50 percent
  • Reduced part weight
  • Greater design flexibility
  • Less scrap and waste
  • Better wear surfaces and lower friction

Plastic resins can easily be combined with other materials to achieve any desired formulation. PMT specializes in overmolding and insert molding of complex parts and components, with 40 years experience providing solutions to our customers’ challenges. With over 75,000 resins to choose from in today’s marketplace, PMT’s leading engineering and design team can help navigate the multitude of choices to find the right formula for your desired application.

Facts about metal to plastic conversions:

  • With the proper design, engineered plastics can be just as strong as metal.
  • Reduced part or product weight equals reduced shipping and operating costs.
  • Injection molding allows for a reduction in the number of components needed in assembly.
  • Compared to metal fabrication, plastic injection molding is a faster and more consistent manufacturing process.

Talk with us to discover the range of benefits available in converting from metal to plastic. We will work with you to evaluate the possibilities, and find practical solutions for any application.