Frost & Sullivan Helps Us All Fast-Forward to 2025

Frost & Sullivan Helps Us All Fast-Forward to 2025

Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting firm and the organizing force behind the Manufacturing Leadership Council and the Manufacturing Leadership Summit, recently held a webinar briefing to present Fast-Forward to 2025: New Mega Trends Transforming the World as We Know It.  Rohit Talwar, Global Futurist and CEO of Fast Future [link to], was a guest speaker at the recent webinar at which Fast Forward to 2025 was presented to more than 600 participants.

frost and sullivan imageThe futurist report provides a compelling look at the key trends that will transform the world we live in. Those trends include the increasing political and economic dominance of emerging markets, the rapid rate of urbanization, the web of 80 billion connected devices, and the creation of a connected life.

Embedded in those trends are things we find interesting and relevant to manufacturing and our own business. Those topics included connectivity and convergence, 3D/4D printing, innovation, smart technologies, and new business models, among a number of other thought-provoking subjects. There is a lot food for thought packed into the 16-page presentation deck which they have made available for download.

One of the key discussion topics was how to translate trend information into business strategy. After all, execution is everything. Right?

If you missed this event, the good news is that you can access the presentation, questions, and recorded webinar here.