PMT Opens Factory Floor to Celebrate MFG Day 2013 October 2013

EL PASO, TEXAS— Joining 823 manufacturers across the nation, Plastic Molding Technology Inc. (PMT) celebrated Manufacturing Day 2013 on Friday, October 4 with a well-attended plant tour highlighting the importance of manufacturing to the U.S. economy and showcasing the rewarding, highly skilled jobs available in the field.

news1Charles A. Sholtis, PMT owner and CEO, said the goal of Manufacturing Day was to draw greater attention to the outstanding opportunities that a career in manufacturing can provide, and to promote the pursuit of skills leading to a long-term career for qualified candidates.

“Manufacturing is coming back to the USA,” Sholtis said. “Hopefully, by opening up shop floors around the country, we are able to show modern manufacturing for what it is—a sleek, safe, technology-driven industry that offers secure, good-paying jobs.”

According to, by collaborating during and after MFG DAY, companies like PMT can address common misperceptions about manufacturing. The event also continues a dialogue about pertinent concerns across the manufacturing sector, including facing the skilled labor shortage, connecting with future generations, taking charge of the public image of manufacturing and ensuring the ongoing prosperity of the industry.

Sholtis and his staff hosted a complete plant tour of PMT, illustrating the injection molding process from design to delivery. The tour also included a demonstration of Baxter, provided by Shepard Controls. Baxter is an interactive robot used in manufacturing production, and is a symbol of the industry’s recent technological advances.

Groups touring the facility Friday included representatives from the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC), local business owners and students and faculty from the University of Texas at El Paso. Sholtis said he received excellent feedback after the event, including comments from a supply chain and operations management student who said he was motivated to cement a career path in manufacturing after touring PMT and understanding what modern manufacturing has to offer.

PMT Inc. has an annual payroll of $3.5 million, employs 120 people and exports 80% of their annual $15 million sales. As an ISO-9000 certified manufacturer of precision-engineered, injection-molded plastic components, the company provides a single-source solution from design engineering, prototyping and mold-sourcing to manufacturing, assembly and JIT delivery. PMT is celebrating 40 years of experience, serving a wide array of industries including automotive, appliances, medical, electrical and consumer products.