Local Robotics Team Visits PMT for MFG Day 2016

Local Robotics Team Visits PMT for MFG Day 2016


Joining over 2,800 manufacturers across America, Plastic Molding Technology participated its 3rd annual MFG Day event on October 7 by inviting a local high school robotics team for a private tour of the facility.

PMT welcomed the El Dorado High School RoboAztechs team for a presentation, plant tour and hands-on Baxter robot demonstration. The students, who were out of school for Intersession vacation during the event, took the initiative to visit PMT on their day off to learn more about robotics and automation in manufacturing. As an added bonus, students also saw first-hand how they might translate their engineering, computer science or marketing talents into a manufacturing career.

Our mission this MFG Day was to showcase manufacturing as a great career opportunity, and to encourage discovery and engagement with the innovative world behind manufacturing. Several PMT staff members spent time talking with students, explaining career path options, college majors and what day-to-day job roles might look like.

PMT considered the event a success, and we look forward to watching this bright group in their upcoming robotics competitions.