5 Reasons to Work with PMT

5 Reasons to Work with PMT

Why do customers choose PMT?

Because we’re molding experts who have the technology to back up our expertise. Our vision is to be our customers’ most reliable and responsive supplier, to grow our business through technology and ingenuity, and to deliver leading-edge solutions into the future—and this is how we approach each job, each day. PMT is a reliable partner, especially in these challenging times. We’ve remained open and manufacturing critical components for our customers 24/7, while ensuring the health and safety of our entire team.

Here are 5 more reasons why working with PMT can benefit your next injection molding project:

1. We are positioned in a strategic North American location.

YouTube Thumbnails-10Located in the heart of the Texas, Mexico and New Mexico borderplex region, Plastic Molding Technology is well positioned in one of the most dynamic growth areas in North America. Our location allows us to be a strategic link in supply chains for customers with assembly operations in Mexico.

The El Paso borderplex region boasts a competitive manufacturing industry largely due to its bilingual and bicultural workforce—the largest in the Western hemisphere. Our proximity to Mexico allows us to provide flexible, efficient, and cost-effective just-in-time (JIT) delivery, along with easy cross-border access for on-site visits to customer plants.

Find out more about our location here.

2. We are established partners for tooling transfer projects.

As a leading North American injection molder, PMT is also an established and well-qualified partner in tool transfer projects. Our ability to provide seamless transitions for our customers comes from a proven record of successful transfers.

Transfers can happen for many reasons. Often, PMT receives project transfer requests from customers who are moving manufacturing back to North America—reshoring or near-shoring–or because a former vendor wasn’t meeting quality and service expectations. Over the past four decades, PMT has completed many different transfers, ranging from one part number to complete transfer packages with over 900 part numbers, hundreds of tools and injection molding equipment. Our team has the knowledge and experience to tackle unplanned events with ease and offer solution-driven project management.

To learn more about Transfer Projects at PMT, click here.

3. We maintain a legacy of insert molding knowledge.

PMT offers effective solutions for insert molding–one of our core competencies and specializations. PMT has been successfully manufacturing insert-molded components for over 45 years. The company was an early adopter of custom automation for the insert molding process, and today we remain at the cutting-edge of automation technology. Our insert molding experience includes terminals and contacts, screw machine components, cold-headed components, over-molded plastic components, photo-etched components and magnetic compounds.

At PMT, we manufacture insert-molded components with both manual and automated loading using vertical, rotary table and shuttle presses. Our automation capabilities include feeder bowls, robotic pick and placement/retrieval, vision systems and electrical testing.

For additional information regarding these capabilities, visit our Insert Molding page.

4. We have injection molding down to a science.

PMT is known for its expertise in tight-tolerance injection molding. For example, our automotive customers regularly rely on our ability to maintain both quality and function with tight tolerance molding–even at higher cavitation levels. We incorporate RJG cavity pressure monitoring into our processes to ensure zero-defect molding and real-time visibility into the success of the molding process.

RJG Master Molders lead our processing team, and Six Sigma Black Belts maintain our IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 quality systems. We focus on training to make sure everyone on our team understands the processing side of the business–the entire PMT team is trained on injection molding through computer-based Paulson training. With a zero-defect quality mindset, PMT uses scientific molding and lean manufacturing to inject quality into everything we do.

To find out more about molding complex geometries at PMT, click here.

5. We are plastic gear molding experts.

PMT provides accurate and effective functional parts, including precision plastic gears and insert-molded gears. PMT has long-term niche experience in molding these components, perfecting IMG_6879our capabilities over the past 4 decades. Our state-of-the-art VariRoll gear tester equipment–located in our full-service Quality Lab–represents the latest available technology in precision gear molding.

We produce a wide array of precision gears and moving parts for the automotive, appliance and lawn & garden industries, with precision fabrication to AGMA #9 standards.

Our expertise in plastic gear molding includes tooling design and engineering for:

  • Full- and semi-recess action
  • Balanced tooth strength
  • Maximum contact ratio
  • Improved power efficiency
  • Enhanced motion efficiency

For additional information, visit our Gear Molding page.