3 Ways PMT’s Strategic Location Can Simplify Your Supply Chain

3 Ways PMT’s Strategic Location Can Simplify Your Supply Chain

As many realtors will tell you—it’s all about location, location, location.

At PMT, we frequently hear that working with U.S. molders in far off geographic areas is not cost-effective. Regional issues—from local regulations, to proximity to raw materials, to workforce availability—negatively impact the bottom line. Transportation and freight also represent a big cost—especially if your supplier is not located near your assembly operations. As the covid-19 pandemic impacts global transportation systems, it also reveals weak points in supply chains relying on overseas suppliers.

Plastic Molding Technology’s geographic location is extremely strategic—and convenient—for our customers. PMT already works towards world-class excellence in quality, engineering, processing and on-time delivery—and when you add our central location into the mix, we become that strategic link in our customers’ supply chains.

Here are three ways PMT can simplify your supply chain:

We’re positioned in one of North America’s most dynamic manufacturing growth areas.


Our location in the center of the U.S./Mexico Borderplex positions us right in the middle of a dynamic bi-national manufacturing center. Our El Paso facility is close to several key entry points into Mexico. We export approximately 80 percent of everything we manufacture to assembly operations in Mexico.

We are also near major interstate highways and the award-winning El Paso International Airport, allowing for quick transportation access.Factory proximity to Mexico allows us to provide flexible, efficient and cost-effective just-in-time delivery. Easy cross-border access allows for on-site visits to customer plants and quick, responsive service.

Reducing lead-time is one of the greatest advantages. By being situated in one of the most extensive metro areas on the border, PMT is located close to some of the most competitive companies in the global manufacturing industry. Our geographic location allows us to have a much lower overhead cost than molders located in California, the Midwest or the East Coast—which translates into lower costs for our customers.

Our El Paso workforce is our most valuable resource—and their goal is to support our customers.


At PMT, our border location means we have a robust multilingual and multicultural workforce—one of the largest in the Western Hemisphere. We have access to a deep pool of local job candidates with a range of skills and experience, allowing us to select team members who are onboard with our mission and values.

PMT’s highly skilled and dedicated workforce consists of technical employees trained in metrology, scientific molding and tool design. Every employee takes computer-based injection molding courses. Our team has a solid record of dedication to their work and to the company–we had zero recordable safety incidents in 2020, and today more than half of all PMT employees have been with the company for over 5 years.

Our robust quality systems differentiate PMT from local competitors on both sides of the border.


Our location is strategic, but equally important is our ability to mold quality parts, every time. PMT is committed to injecting the highest level of quality into everything we do. Zero-defect molding is our constant goal. Continual improvement is our mantra.

Throughout our 5-decade history, we have always been—and always will be—committed to total customer satisfaction. Our steadfast commitment to quality in both products and customer service, as well as our constant focus on continuous improvement, has helped us to build long-standing relationships with customers and achieve high levels of repeat business.

Our quality goals are achieved through a combination of state-of-the-art equipment, clearly defined processes, rigorous quality controls, hands-on management and a dedicated workforce that has access to the latest technology and training opportunities. Using Six Sigma practices, our Quality Department is well-equipped to solve challenges, manage risk and prevent defects.

PMT is a registered recipient of both ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 quality certifications, the latter of which is based on standards established by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF). We are also working toward our ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 registrations for Q2 2021.

PMT is always laser-focused on the customer experience, and that includes our facility’s strategic location. As a veteran-owned small business, we are proud to be made in the USA! Contact us to request a quote.