Precision Injection Molding

Highly Engineered Plastic Injection Molding to Meet Exacting Standards

Plastic Molding Technology, Inc., one of the leading plastic molding companies in North America, has established a strong reputation for the successful engineering and manufacture of precision molded plastic parts and components.

In addition to conventional molding, we have unique expertise in the design, engineering, and production of parts and components that require advanced tool designs and must be produced to exacting standards, including:

  • Complex, insert-molded components
  • Tight-tolerance (+/- .05 mm) parts
  • Current-carrying devices

The array of custom parts and components manufactured on behalf of PMT clients include such items as gears, lamp sockets, knobs, wire harness components, fuse components, vacuum cleaner parts, irrigation system parts, computer connectors and stereo speaker frames.

Highly engineered designs and resins are processed daily to meet the rigorous performance requirements of our customers and their end-customers alike. We also have extensive experience working with thermoplastic rubbers (TPR) or elastomers (TPE), which are widely used in automotive, electrical, and appliance applications.

Insert Molding

Insert molding is one of our core competencies and specializations. Our insert experience includes and is not limited to terminals and contacts, screw machine components, cold-headed components, wound-coil bobbins, over-molded plastic components, photo-etched components, and magnetic compounds.

Production capabilities include both manual and automated loading, using vertical, rotary table, and shuttle presses. Automation capabilities include feeder bowl, continuous strip feeding, robotic pick and placement/retrieval, and mechanical and electrical testing. PMT also offers custom automation systems for insert molding, using advanced robotics.

For additional information regarding these capabilities, visit Insert Molding.

Precision Gear Molding

We produce a wide array of precision gears and moving parts. Gears and moving parts are manufactured to American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) standards. PMT uses state-of-the-art Vari-Roll equipment for quality control testing of gears.

For additional information, visit Gear Molding.