Plastic Insert Molding

One of the Premier Providers of Complex Plastic Injection Insert Molding

Complex insert molding is one of the core specializations of Plastic Molding Technology, Inc. This page provides a general overview of our capabilities. If you have special requirements that are not described here, please contact us.

Insert Types
  • Terminals/contacts
  • Screw machine components
  • Cold headed components
  • Wound coil – bobbins
  • Overmolded plastic components
  • Photo-etched components
  • Magnetic compounds
Manual Insert Loading
Annual Volume
  • Small: 500,000 to 100,000 units
  • Medium: 100,000 to 1 million units
Benefits of Manual Loading
  • Lower Start-up Investment
  • Faster Start-ups
Automated Insert Loading
Annual Volume
  • High: > 1 million units
Benefits of Automation
  • Cost reduction opportunities
  • Secondary operations can be achieved
 (e.g. in molded terminals bends, circuitry cutouts)
  • Reliability of operation
  • Dimensional stability
  • Lower scrap—approaching zero PPM
  • Reduced inventory Part Count
Types of Automation
  • Feeder bowl – (loose component feeding)
  • Continuous strip feeding
  • Robotic pick and placement/retrieval
  • Mechanical/electrical testing