Forward-thinking solutions for plastics manufacturing

Consistent with Plastic Molding Technology’s focus on quality and innovation, our drive to invest in new technology excels efficiency in the manufacturing process.

Technology is in our company’s name. Our business was founded on a commitment to continuous improvement, which means always advancing equipment, processes and knowledge. Plastic Molding Technology was one of the early adopters of  automation in the insert molding process. From this vantage point, PMT has continually incorporated new automation technology to benefit our customers. Today technology remains a common thread throughout our facility, whether in our sustainability program, our real-time ERP system or across the factory floor.

PMT’s plastic injection molding equipment lineup now features all-electric presses ranging 40 to 500 tons. The all-electric machines are quieter, cleaner and up to 40 percent more energy efficient than standard hydraulic presses.

The company has invested millions of dollars into new automation, robotics and other equipment and systems to allow for pinpoint accuracy, increased capacity and new capabilities. Many of our production cells are automated and employ vision systems to maximize efficiency and ensure superior part quality. Our engineers design custom automation cells in-house for complex insert molding and plastic gear molding projects.

Plastic Molding Technology was also an early advocate for desktop 3-D printing in manufacturing. We currently incorporate two 3-D printers into our production cycle: a Markforged Mark Two 3-D printer and an XYZprinting da Vinci 2.0 3-D printer. PMT sees additive manufacturing as a complement to plastic injection molding, and actively uses these printers for rapid prototyping, sampling, and creating custom assembly fixtures used in secondary operations.

We also employ robotic technology, incorporating collaborative robots to work side-by-side with our factory staff. PMT uses Baxter from Rethink Robotics and Universal Robots’ UR3 model to streamline production for insert-molded parts, improve cycle times and free up our team for more creative work.

Watch PMT’s Technology video to learn more about how we use technology in throughout our manufacturing processes.