Design, Build & Repair


Plastic Molding Technology’s mold-building and sourcing capabilities range from design and 3-D modeling to sourcing of high-precision, injection molds. We  offer both prototype molds and high-volume production molds, including Class I warranted molds and Class 101 tooling with hardened steel cores and cavities.

We have made or sourced a variety of complex molds, including molds made by our trusted and proven business partners in the U.S., Asia, and Eastern Europe. Molds are designed and crafted to SPI/DIN standards.

Our mold expertise includes:

  • Hot runner
  • Unscrewing molds
  • Inserting molds
  • Family molds
  • Auto-self degating robotic extraction
  • Modular or master unit die (MUD) construction

Our on-site, full-service tooling shop, which includes a Stanley VIDMAR mold storage system, is fully equipped to maintain, repair, and modify molds.