PMT’s Growth & Development in 2021

PMT’s Growth & Development in 2021

PMT is proud to share our recent cover story in Plastics Technology Magazine, highlighting the company’s growth and strategic development during the pandemic. Please read below to see how new equipment, new technology, and better metrics to track our progress in reducing energy consumption and waste are some of the things we are implementing this year.

Our Strategic Advantage: PMT provides expert injection molding solutions in a strategic North American location to simplify our customers’ supply chains.

We also want to outline our emphasis on training at PMT, what that looks like, and why it’s important to us.

Training has been important to PMT since our founding when Charles E. Sholtis started a plastics-specific apprenticeship program in Connecticut. One of his apprentices is still with PMT today as our Chief Maintenance Engineer. Since we’ve been in El Paso, we’ve had several generations of interns from the University of Texas at El Paso, several of whom moved on to excellent opportunities with large OEM manufacturing companies thanks in part to their experience at PMT. Others we’ve been able to hire after graduation.

Several years ago, we dedicated space in our facility footprint for training, and today—even during the pandemic—this space is serving us well for socially distanced training—both in-person and computer-based. We have a dedicated Training Coordinator to help us track and set up new training for our whole team.

It’s important to PMT to have a workforce that is innovative and is knowledgeable. These attributes come through a diverse and robust approach to training, where everyone—from operators to shipping personnel to engineers to management—has access to the tools they need to be great at their job and to move up the career path if they so choose.

Another key point we’d like to highlight is PMT’s emphasis on energy efficiency, what that has meant in the past, what it means going forward.

Sustainability and energy efficiency are core to our business. Going green is good business for the company, for the team, and for our customers. We have participated in two E3 audits from the EPA and TMAC, where we’ve implemented both major upgrades and small changes to decrease energy usage and increase our efficiency. The majority of our presses are all-electric, we have energy-efficient lighting in all areas of the facility, water tower upgrades, and proprietary technology on our grinding machines.

We’re making this commitment official with our ISO 14000 certification this year. Going forward, we are renewing this emphasis as part of our core values—energy efficiency is key to doing the right thing and keeping our team safe. We want to always work in a way that is safe for the company, community, and environment.

Check out the article to read more on PMT’s COVID-19 pivot, and how we’ve remained a resilient and adaptable manufacturer for over four decades.

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