PMT Updates Quality Lab, Expands Manufacturing Space

PMT Updates Quality Lab, Expands Manufacturing Space

PMT completed a multi-phase renovation with a newly minted Quality Lab, expanding into the remainder of its 60,000-square-foot building footprint to support operations and new business growth.

The last and most prominent phase of the year-long renovation was PMT’s Quality Lab, which upgraded to an area about three times the size of its former space.

“PMT is regarded for having a strong commitment to quality, so it was time to have the Lab better reflect its function,” said Martin Rubio, Quality Manager at Plastic Molding Technology. “The Lab now has enough room for equipment, working areas, customer visits and team training. It will take us well into the future.”


In a modern, open and bright space, the Lab continues to serve its mission of delivering customer satisfaction through continual improvement. PMT’s Quality Lab is a full metrology and testing center, housing a range of equipment for validating precision plastic components, including: coordinate measurement machines (CMMs); gear, force, temperature and color testing; and vision systems, including a new Keyence Image Dimension Measurement System.


The renovated area includes the Quality department manager’s office and a customer conference room. Space has also been reserved for a future engineering innovation center, which will house a dedicated 3-D printing area and a more customer-centric space for project management.

The first phase of PMT’s renovation began in November 2015 with the addition of the 500-ton Toyo molding machine, and the subsequent relocation of all higher-tonnage presses to a new machinery row. A 5-ton crane system was installed in March 2016, with a lift capacity of 10,000 pounds to ensure the safe movement of tools.

Walls came down during the second phase in June of this year, creating more manufacturing space on the plant floor. Up to 8 additional presses can now be added to the existing 58 machines. PMT also expanded the square footage of its full-service Tool Room, and installed energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures in alignment with the company’s sustainability standards.

After completion of the Tool Room and Quality Lab upgrades, the finishing touches were made this month with new furniture for all front office areas. The company created an open floor plan in the Engineering and Production departments to enhance collaboration.

“PMT is enjoying increased productivity and flexibility with the new spaces, and looks forward to continued innovation,” said Charles A. Sholtis, CEO of PMT.