February 23, 2021

Slowed — but not Stopped — by the Pandemic, Custom Molder Catches Up with Its Plans for Growth

By Tony Deligio / Plastics Technology

No one’s 2020 plans survived the pandemic unscathed, including those of Plastic Molding Technology Inc. But this injection molder’s vision of how it would continue to thrive as it approaches its fifth decade was simply deferred, not denied.

On Feb. 5, 2020, Plastic Molding Technology Inc. (PMT) announced plans to lease the unoccupied 39,000 ft2 of its building in El Paso, Texas. To be completed by the fourth quarter of last year, the move would give the 47-yr-old custom injection molder nearly 100,000 ft2 of total space, with room to add more value-added operations and cleanroom molding.

That expansion was part of the company’s revised strategic plan, initiated back in 2019. As we know now, events were already in motion that would render moot the best laid plans of every company and individual in 2020.

Just two days before PMT’s press release about its expansion, the U.S. declared a public health emergency in response to the coronavirus, some three days after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global health emergency.

We never did shut down. We ran 24/7 even if it meant running with a skeleton crew.

Despite the coronavirus, PMT pivoted to a new plan, and in February 2021, one year after it announced the now abandoned expansion, it took delivery of two new all-electric 110-ton Maruka Toyo injection molding machines. Those machines will occupy a new 1400-ft2 white room, which is to be completed by March. That space will eventually be a class 100,000 cleanroom that can house five machines, as the company seeks to complete its ISO 13485 certification for medical-device production by July. Those weren’t the only investments the company made last year, adding five new injection molding machines—four 200-ton and one 300-tonner—with accompanying robotics.

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July 01, 2020

PMT Manufactures, Donates PPE Mask Straps to Health Workers

By Plastics Business Magazine

Photo credit: Tommie Morelos, TTUHSC














To aid in the fight against COVID-19, El Paso, Texas-based Plastic Molding Technology Inc. (PMT), a manufacturer of precision-engineered, injection-molded plastic components, and its partners designed and manufactured custom mask straps to donate to critical healthcare workers.

On June 5, PMT presented a donation of 1,400 custom mask straps to Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) El Paso, a university network that encompasses the only medical school on the US/Mexico border. According to TTUHSC, the physicians, clinics and partnering hospitals provide over $33 million in free healthcare services to the El Paso community every year. PMT chose TTUHSC because of their broad reach into the El Paso community. The donated straps were molded in sets of red and black with the TT logo on the back of the strap.

“After seeing the efforts of many companies — and even kids at home with 3D printers — making mask straps for critical healthcare workers, I knew PMT could put our plastic molding expertise to work for our community,” said Charles A. Sholtis, PMT CEO. “The PMT team found a way to design a lightweight, durable and comfortable mask strap. Our partners really stepped up to help launch the project, donating all of the materials. Overall, it was a successful team effort to help our El Paso community.”

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February 10, 2020

Plastic Molding Technology expands in El Paso, Texas

By Don Loepp / Plastics News








Custom injection molder Plastic Molding Technology Inc. is expanding its total footprint in El Paso, Texas, to nearly 100,000 square feet by leasing additional space.

The company announced the project Feb. 5 and said it expects to move into the 39,000-square-foot space by the fourth quarter of 2020. The new space will allow the company to focus on new technology and value-added services.

“The decision to expand within our current building footprint means we can seamlessly add more capabilities and capacity without a disruptive move to a new location,” CEO Charles A. Sholtis said in a news release.

The expansion means PMT will now occupy the entire building at 12280 Rojas Drive in El Paso.

Adding space fits into PMT’s plan to expand its medical molding capabilities. The company is currently preparing to install four all-electric molding machines, ranging up to 165 tons, into a new medical molding center. PMT also is working toward both ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 certification. Sholtis said with the final signing of the NAFTA replacement, USMCA, he expects PMT will see growth serving major international assembly operations across the border in Mexico.

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August 21, 2019

Plastic Molding Technology makes Inc. 5000 list

By Clare Goldsberry / Plastics Today

PMT Inc 5000














Inc. magazine listed Plastic Molding Technology Inc. (PMT; El Paso, TX) on its annual Inc. 5000 ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. PMT is the only El Paso–based company to make the list, ranking number 4748 on the 2019 list, with three-year revenue growth of 59%.

According to Inc., the list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within a dynamic segment of the U.S. economy—independent small businesses.

“This achievement reflects the talent and focus of our team, a group that always rises to the next level when facing a challenge,” said PMT CEO Charles A. Sholtis. “PMT focuses on creating molding solutions for our business partners, and this ranking captured our renewed emphasis on using ingenuity and technology to achieve more.”

Not only have the companies on the 2019 Inc. 5000 been very competitive within their markets, but the list as a whole shows staggering growth compared with prior lists, according to Inc. The 2019 list achieved a three-year average growth of 454 percent, and a median rate of 157 percent. The Inc. 5000’s aggregate revenue was $237.7 billion in 2018, accounting for 1,216,308 jobs over the past three years.

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June 13, 2019

PMT Invests $1M in Texas for Insert Molding

By Catherine Kavanaugh / Plastics News

PMT New Arburg Press 2019El Paso, Texas-based injection molder Plastic Molding Technology (PMT) has invested $1 million to increase capacity and meet new demand from customers requiring insert molding.

PMT added vertical and horizontal injection molding presses, including a new custom-ordered 220-ton Arburg Allrounder 1500T/2000-800. The Arburg press, which was delivered last month, represents a significant investment in vertical injection molding technology for the company, which now has six vertical machines.

Insert molding is one of PMT’s core competencies. It’s why many of our long-term customers continue to source new insert molding projects with us,” PMT CEO and owner Charles A. Sholtis said in a news release. “The investment in the custom Arburg machine is in keeping with our vision to be at the forefront of injection molding technology.”

Founded more than 45 years ago, PMT produces more than 160 million parts a year for the automotive, electrical, medical device and industrial markets. About 25 percent of PMT’s current business involves insert molding, which gives the company experience in this niche market from engineering to quality to production, Sholtis added.

“Our team takes pride in being the best insert molders for our customers,” he said. “We tackle high-volume, complex insert molding with a precision and an expertise not found at other custom molders.”

The new presses open capacity to a wider tonnage range and will help PMT keep its competitive edge, which Sholtis said extends to proprietary automation and packaging systems integrated into molding cells.

PMT also installed two new 300-ton Toyo all-electric horizontal presses earlier this year and has recently invested in new auxiliary equipment, including advanced robotics, conveyor systems and material dryers. In all, PMT has 61 injection molding machines at its 60,000-square-foot facility, which has certifications for IATF 16949- and ISO 9001.

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June 4, 2019

Manufacturing is Trending Down, and Tariffs aren’t Helping

By Clare Goldsberry / Plastics Today

Trade issues with two of the United States’ biggest trading partners appear to be having an effect on the plastics industry. Charles A. Sholtis, CEO of Plastic Molding Technology Inc., based in El Paso, TX, told PlasticsToday that while the United States “has established itself as a low-cost producer of high-quality, manufactured goods using skilled workers and technology . . . [t]ariffs are setting the stage to reverse this positive world perception and also jeopardize the USMCA.”

Sholtis said he believes the tariffs are setting the stage to reverse the advances in U.S. manufacturing. “We have great energy resources such as oil, gas and the plastics raw materials produced here,” he said. “That has also enabled the USA to be a choice and cost-effective region to produce goods. Look at all of the Japanese, German and Korean auto assembly sites in North America.”

“Ultimately tariffs will have negative economic consequences for the consumer, causing prices for purchased items to rise,” he said.

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May 31, 2019

Trump Tariff Threats Alarm Mexico Growers, Economists

The Associated Press

CULIACAN, Mexico (AP) — Tomato exporter Sergio Esquer Peiro spent much of Friday in hastily called meetings with other stunned growers, trying to evaluate the potential fallout of U.S. President Donald Trump’s threat to slap coercive tariffs on all imports from Mexico.

The sudden announcement caught observers on both sides of the border by surprise and prompted President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to dispatch his top diplomat to Washington for talks seeking to head off the proposed tariffs.

Trump’s threat came the same day Mexico announced it would begin the process of ratifying the USMCA and less than two weeks after it successfully negotiated the lifting of U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs that had been a roadblock to final approval for the trade deal.

That means people like Chuck Sholtis, CEO of El Paso, Texas-based Plastic Molding Technology Inc., which employs 100 people. Most of its business involves plastic injection molding for automotive, electronics and business products for maquiladoras, factories in Mexico that are run by foreign companies. Sholtis said his company has already suffered from U.S. steel tariffs on China that increased the costs of their tools, and it’s also been hit by slowdowns at ports of entry

Sholtis said the United States has found a niche in high-tech specialized manufacturing that’s part of a global supply chain. He fears that if more tariffs like this are implemented, or if the USMCA doesn’t take effect, the United States will lose its edge in manufacturing. He’s also worried about possible recession in Mexico and the United States.

“It’s illogical,” Sholtis said, “Tariffs go against one of the stated goals of the administration: to help manufacturing and thereby create high-skilled manufacturing jobs.”

The economic impact for Mexico was swift, with the peso down more than 3% against the U.S. dollar Friday. U.S. stocks likewise tumbled on Wall Street.

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January 8, 2019

PMT Officially Designated as a Veteran-Owned Small Business

By Plastics Business Magazine

Plastic Molding Technology Inc. (PMT), an IATF 16949- and ISO 9001-certified manufacturer of precision-engineered, injection-molded plastic components in El Paso, Texas, has been officially verified as a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) by the US Department of Veterans Affairs’ Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE).

The VOSB designation is given to small businesses after a lengthy application process to verify veteran ownership and eligibility. Charles A. Sholtis, CEO and owner of PMT, graduated as a commissioned officer through Villanova University’s NROTC, serving in the US Navy as a lieutenant junior grade. He was the navigation officer aboard the USS Cushing (DD 985), deploying to the Middle East in 1984 on the flagship destroyer.

PMT holds a legacy of veteran leadership, as the company was founded in 1973 by Sholtis’ father, Navy veteran Charles E. Sholtis, after he served during the 1950s in the Atlantic fleet.

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October 23, 2018

U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement: Plastics professionals welcome return to stability

By Clare Goldsberry / Plastics Today

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) has been a positive development, Dwight Morgan, Vice President of Corporate Development for M. Holland Co. (Northbrook, IL), a privately held, family-owned North American resin distributor, told PlasticsToday. “We’ve already seen the peso stabilize, which makes doing business in Mexico significantly easier,” said Morgan.

After examining the new agreement, Morgan noted that the deal itself is not that different from NAFTA. “Generally we view this deal as a net positive, not just because it’s settled but because it updates some things that needed to be addressed,” said Morgan.

Providing a brief overview of the USMCA, Morgan pointed out a few positives, including intellectual property protections and stronger labor provisions, which “affect mostly Mexico,” he said. “When you look at the plastics industry, just having some sense of stability going forward is very important and valuable and has us breathing a sigh of relief.”

Charles A. Sholtis, CEO of Plastic Molding Technology Inc. (El Paso, TX), a large custom injection molding company that does a lot of cross-border business, is also breathing a sigh of relief. “It is too soon to tell, but it would appear that the revised NAFTA may benefit U.S. manufacturers. I see more enthusiasm from a business confidence outlook,” he said. “Some uncertainty has been taken out of the mix.”

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October 15, 2018

Opening Doors on Manufacturing Day

By Jordan Vitick / Plastics News


More than 200 plastics companies opened their doors Oct. 5 to students, educators, job seekers and their greater communities for Manufacturing Day, a national event meant to inspire and motivate a new generation of manufacturers.

El Paso, Texas-based custom injection molder Plastic Molding Technology Inc. held its fifth Manufacturing Day for around 100 attendees, which included students from the University of Texas at El Paso supply chain and operations management organization, Pebble Hills High School and Riverside High School. Students were shown an overview video of the company and then split into two groups.

Those on the facility tour visited different aspects of the operations, from the floor to the engineering department to quality lab. Those in the training room participated in a robotics demonstration and career fair with jobs, apprenticeships and internships.

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October 9, 2018

Celebrating 45 Years in Business

Published by Plastics Business Magazine

Plastic Molding Technology, Inc. (PMT), El Paso, Texas, reached a milestone year in 2018, marking the 45th anniversary of the company’s founding. PMT’s roots started in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in 1973, where Charles E. Sholtis founded the company with one molding press and rented space in an 1800s-era mill building. Over the years, Sholtis grew his business from a small prototype operation to a full-scale custom injection molding facility, eventually relocating the company to El Paso, Texas, in 2003.

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June 27, 2018

PMT Relaunching Apprenticeship Program

By Roger Renstrom / Plastics News

Plastic Molding Technology Inc. is relaunching an apprenticeship program, starting with a mechatronics technician position.

“We are currently interviewing to get our first apprentice,” Mary Sholtis, PMT training coordinator, said in an interview. “We aim for three more technicians in tooling, quality and processing.”

The successful applicant for the PMT mechatronics apprenticeship will function as an automation technician. The person selected will need basic knowledge of electronics, mechanics and computers, and will learn about machinery maintenance, project management, and workplace and tool safety practices.

In November, the U.S. Department of Labor’s office of apprenticeship approved the El Paso, Texas, injection molder’s registration for the mechatronics technician program.

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June 1, 2018

Apprenticeships: Learning on the Job

By Patrick Graves / Texas Comptrollers Office

Chief Maintenance Engineer John Getlein, PMT’s first apprentice, at work on the factory floor.

Since 2013, the number of apprentices working in the U.S. has risen by 42 percent. And in June 2017, President Trump ordered the federal government to expand industry-recognized apprenticeships nationwide by greatly increasing federal funding used to support such programs.

Today, America has more than 22,000 registered apprenticeship programs. In fiscal 2017, according to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), more than 530,000 apprentices were at work in federally registered programs. In that year, more than 190,000 individuals entered apprenticeships, and 64,000 participants “graduated” by completing them. More than 2,300 new apprenticeship programs were established nationwide.

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March 21, 2018

Finding the Right Employee Takes a Focused Effort

By Frank Esposito / Plastics News

Photo credit: Michael A. Marcotte for Plastics News

Naples, Fla. —​ Plastics pros on two panels at the 2018 Plastics News Executive Forum emphasized the importance of finding the right personnel.

“We’re focused on finding skilled labor that will fit in our company,” said Jim Kepler, president of injection molder Intertech Plastics Inc. of Denver. At the event, held March 6-7 in Naples, Kepler credited the CareerWise Colorado apprenticeship program with “re-energizing” Intertech.

Charles Sholtis, founder of injection molder Plastic Molding Technology Inc. of El Paso, Texas, added that an apprentice program that PMT started when it was based in Connecticut produced an employee who eventually became the firm’s chief maintenance engineer.

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January 3, 2018

Accomplishing the Mission

By Lisa Jo Lupo / Plastics Machinery Magazine













As the second-generation CEO of Plastic Molding Technology (PMT), Charles A. Sholtis is leading the company into its 45th anniversary this year. Under his leadership, PMT was awarded the Manufacturing Leadership Council’s 2014 Manufacturer of the Year award and he received the Society of Plastics Engineers’ Business Management Award in 2015. Sholtis sees his stint in the U.S. Navy, the continuation of his dad’s founding philosophies for PMT, and the company’s focus on innovation, technology, U.S. manufacturing and its people as key factors in his and PMT’s success.

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November 1, 2017

Manufacturing Day: Enhancing the Industry’s Image

By Lara Copeland / Plastics Business Magazine











Plastic Molding Technology, Inc. (PMT), in El Paso, Texas, participated in MFG DAY by hosting an event for the fourth year in a row; however, this was the first year PMT collaborated with two other El Paso manufacturing businesses, participating in a three-stop MFG DAY tour.

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October 26, 2017

Processors Partake In Manufacturing Day Festivities

By Jim Callari / Plastics Technology

Processors and others in the plastics industry are increasing participating in Manufacturing Day in an effort to help promote the business to youngsters who might not otherwise consider a career on a factory floor.

Manufacturing Day is held the first Friday every October. Now in its sixth year, Manufacturing Day is a national event, executed at the local level, that supports thousands of manufacturers as they host students, teachers, parents, job seekers, and other community members at open houses designed to showcase modern manufacturing technology and careers.

For Plastic Molding Technology Inc. (PMT), El Paso, Texas, that first Friday in October represented the fourth straight year it’s opened its doors to high school students

PMT’s event showcased the innovative and modern plastics manufacturing industry, and provided hands-on learning opportunities for 25 career and technical Education students. The company also highlighted career paths in plastics along with PMT’s internships and apprenticeship programs.

For the first time, PMT collaborated with two other El Paso manufacturing businesses, working with the Borderplex Alliance—a nonprofit organization dedicated to economic development and policy advocacy in the El Paso; Las Cruces, N.M.; and Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua region—to coordinate and participate in a three-stop MFG Day tour event for high school students.

“Manufacturing is an excellent career choice for high school graduates in our area,” said Charles A. Sholtis, CEO of PMT. “In fact, Texas is the most-employed state in the U.S. plastics industry, which means there’s a lot of opportunity right here for the next generation of skilled workers.”

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August 27, 2017

Plastic Molding Technology hosts Sen. Ted Cruz

By Clare Goldsberry / Plastics Today

One of the big success stories of Texas manufacturing, Plastic Molding Technology (PMT; El Paso, TX) Inc. took the opportunity during a visit from U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Aug. 24 to showcase the plastics industry and voice concerns affecting manufacturing.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz toured the Plastic Molding Technology plant on Aug. 24.
Framing the visit around the importance of trade and the need for tax reform, CEO Charles A. Sholtis started the meeting by calling for a “do no harm” approach to NAFTA and expressing the vital role of the El Paso Borderplex region to manufacturing in the United States, said a news release from PMT.

“Texas is ranked first in the nation for plastics industry employment, and first in the nation for plastics industry shipments,” Sholtis commented. “To keep manufacturing thriving, we need to modernize NAFTA while keeping it effective for export-focused businesses like PMT.” View Article

August 10, 2017

Rising Stars: Jennifer Perez

By Don Loepp / Plastics News

PMT Marketing Communications Associate Jennifer Perez was named a 2017 Rising Star by Plastics News. View Article

May 10, 2017

Cheap Robots are Helping Small Businesses Survive

By Thomas Black / Bloomberg

At Plastic Molding Technology Inc. in El Paso, CEO Chuck Sholtis has ordered a $40,000 Universal Robots device to do pick-and-place work at his factory. It’ll help him compete with rivals in Mexico, Sholtis said, and some of his 100 employees will be freed up for more creative work. Like McMillan at Task Force Tips, he said he doesn’t anticipate letting anyone go. “We’re not giving the good jobs to robots.” View Article

February 6, 2017

US plastics industry urges caution on renegotiating NAFTA

By Steve Toloken / Plastics News












On the campaign trail, President Donald Trump called the North American Free Trade Agreement “one of the worst things to happen to manufacturing in the United States.” Since the election, his top aides have suggested renegotiating it will be an early priority.

But for the plastics industry, reopening NAFTA could carry significant risk.

That’s because the U.S. plastics industry, in sharp contrast with much of the rest of manufacturing, has a trade surplus with Mexico.

Trade groups like the Plastics Industry Association say the surplus is “directly attributable” to NAFTA, which it said “has benefited American companies and American workers greatly ever since it entered into force.”

The head of the association, Bill Carteaux, said in January that concerns about risks to its export position were so high the group would be “fighting a rear-guard action on trade issues, like doing our best to keep the White House from unwinding NAFTA.”

“Renegotiating NAFTA is a good idea in theory but it will have broader implications than people realize,” said Charles Sholtis, CEO of Plastic Molding Technology Inc. in El Paso, Texas. “I’m in favor of renegotiating NAFTA. But to go out and take a machete and slap on a 20 percent tariff is a huge mistake.”  View Article

January 22, 2017

Closing the Skills Gap

By Charles A. Sholtis / published in the El Paso Times

As we launch into 2017, I’d like to emphasize an often overlooked point – the importance of workforce development in the Borderplex region.

In El Paso – as in Texas and throughout the nation – business owners are facing a skills gap. There are now more jobs requiring skilled workers in America than there are applicants. A report from the National Skills Coalition found middle-skill jobs comprise 55 percent of the Texas labor market – yet only 43 percent of Texas workers have the requisite training to qualify for these jobs.

The gap is even greater in El Paso – only 13 percent of workers qualify by recent estimates from the Brookings Institution.

To address this critical situation, we decided it was time to develop a collaborative effort to take ownership and find solutions.

Together with the city of El Paso and the great State of Texas, Plastic Molding Technology Inc. was awarded a Skills Development Fund grant from the Texas Workforce Commission. This grant boosted our efforts to solve the perennial shortage of skilled workers in both the El Paso-Juarez border region and in the plastics manufacturing industry. View Article

December 8, 2016

El Paso plastic molding company grows international sales, exports 85 percent of product

By Tradeology / International Trade Administration blog

After years of working with the U.S. Commercial Service, a plastics molding company here has expanded its profit margin by more than $8 million and created more than 100 jobs through cross-border sales into Mexico.

Plastic Molding Technology, Inc., a manufacturer of injection-molded plastic components that produces more than 150 million parts per year, has worked with the U.S. Commercial Service in El Paso and New Mexico since 2011. During that time, Robert Queen, Director of U.S. Commercial Service-El Paso, worked with PMT to lock in several new customers across the border in Ciudad Juarez. View Article

November 23, 2016

Texas awards training grants to two El Paso molders

By Roger Renstrom / Plastics News












Two El Paso, Texas, businesses ― custom injection molder Plastic Molding Technology Inc. and health care industry supplier Becton, Dickinson and Co. ― received skills development fund grants from the Texas Workforce Commission.

Commission Chairman Andres Alcantar presented checks of $216,523 to PMT and $335,925 to BD during a Nov. 21 event at El Paso Community College. View Article

November 21, 2016

Skills Training Grant Awarded To Two El Paso Businesses in Partnership with EPCC

By El Paso Community College











Texas Workforce Commission presented the 2016 Skills Development Grant Fund Awards to Becton, Dickinson, and Company (BD) and Plastic Molding Technology, Inc., (PMT). BD was presented with a grant totaling $335,925 and PMT was awarded a grant of $216,523.

These companies will partner with El Paso Community College to provide job training and skills development on cutting edge technology and advanced manufacturing. Together, these grants will help provide training for 11 new jobs and 198 upgraded jobs for 209 trainees. The partnership between EPCC and these two companies builds on regional efforts to address workforce skills gaps through training, adult education and robust curriculum at local institutions of higher learning. View Article

September 12, 2016

El Paso Becomes Nation’s 11th Largest Exporter

By Vic Kolenc / El Paso Times

El Paso has climbed to be the 11th largest exporter of goods among 388 metro areas in the United States and would overtake the San Francisco area for 10th if exports from neighboring Santa Teresa were included in the federal rankings released last week.

“This speaks in a very positive manner (about) the whole borderplex region and our strategic location to Mexico,” said Chuck Sholtis, CEO of his family’s Plastic Molding Technology, or PMT. The East El Paso factory supplies millions of plastic parts annually to Mexico manufacturing plants in the automotive and other industries.

About 85 percent of PMT’s plastic components are exported, mostly to assembly plants in Juárez and other areas of Mexico.

“Our business is growing incrementally,” Sholtis said. That growth has come since 2010 as the global economy recovered from the Great Recession and auto parts manufacturers in Mexico increased their demand for plastic components as automotive sales grew, he said.

Many companies that moved manufacturing to China and other areas have been moving manufacturing back to North America, and that also has helped business increase, he said. View Article

April 8, 2016

Plastic Molding Technology CEO ‘cautiously optimistic’ about business opportunities in Cuba

By Norbert Sparrow / PlasticsToday


If the United States doesn’t move “sooner rather than later on the Cuban embargo, investment opportunities are going to pass us by,” Charles Sholtis, CEO of Plastic Molding Technology (PMT; El Paso, TX) told PlasticsToday following a recent visit to the island. He was part of a four-member delegation that went to Cuba to investigate the country’s market potential for plastics manufacturing.

SPI: The plastics industry trade association (Washington, DC) led the delegation, which also included SPI President and CEO Bill Carteaux, SPI Vice President for International Affairs and Trade Michael Taylor and Plastic Pipe Institute CEO Tony Radoszewski.

The trip coincided with President Obama’s historic visit, even though the SPI mission was scheduled well before, and that created some logistical complications, noted Sholtis. Nevertheless, they were able to visit two state-run manufacturing operations: A facility that makes polypropylene bags and textiles and a plant that injection molds food packaging and disposable dinnerware. In both instances, conditions were primitive, said Sholtis. View Article

February 8, 2016

PMT Gets Export Award

By El Paso Inc.










U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-El Paso, presented a 2015 Export Achievement Award to El Paso-based Plastic Molding Technology, 12280 Rojas, on Jan. 29.

“Manufacturing is so important not only to our region, but also to the economy of America, and I am proud PMT has become an essential link in the supply chain,” said PMT Owner and CEO Charles A. Sholtis.

PMT is a precision injection molder and plastic component supplier for diverse global markets. More than 85 percent of PMT’s finished products – about $8 million annually – are exported to an international client base, with Mexico as a primary market.

The company was nominated for the recognition by Robert Queen, director of the U.S. International Trade Administration’s El Paso and New Mexico Export Assistance Center, which is part of the Department of Commerce’s U.S. Commercial Service.

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November 30, 2015

Sholtis Takes a Hands-On Approach

By Roger Renstrom / Plastics News

EL PASO, Texas — Charles A. Sholtis, 55, serves as the hands-on CEO of Plastic Molding Technology Inc. adapting to changes and providing second-generation leadership to the custom injection molding business.

Sholtis grew up in Trumbull, Conn., with a brother, Todd, a manufacturers’ representative living in Florida.

“When my father [Charles E. Sholtis] started the business in 1973 [in Bridgeport, Conn.], I was there pretty much from day one” when he was 13, he said. “I set up molds, ran presses, swept floors and helped out with anything that needed to be done in the factory.”

He holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Villanova University in Villanova, Pa., and a master’s degree in management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at its Hartford, Conn., campus. View Article

October 19, 2015

El Paso Factory Owner Pitches Free Trade

By Vic Kolenc / El Paso Times

EL PASO, Texas — El Paso factory owner Chuck Sholtis was enlisted Monday to help the Obama administration sell one of the world’s largest free-trade agreements.

Sholtis joined U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman and Houston Mayor Annise Parker on a conference call with a handful of Texas reporters as part of President Barack Obama’s campaign to get the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, free-trade treaty through Congress in coming months.

Early this month, trade ministers for the United States, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Chile, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and Bruei Darussalam completed the treaty after five years of negotiations.

The agreement needs to be approved by the U.S. Congress and legislators in the other countries to become law. That lengthy process has yet to begin.

“We’re trying to get the word out that the TPP will be a positive for this region and for the plastic-molding industry,” Sholtis, chief executive officer and owner of Plastic Molding Technology, or PMT, in East El Paso, said on the conference call, which included journalists for the Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Express-News, and El Paso Times. “Trade agreements are vital to the manufacturing sector in America.” View Article

April 9, 2015

Plastic Molding Technology CEO Receives SPE Business Management Award

By Clare Goldsberry / Plastics Today

CAS_SPE_awardEL PASO, Texas — Charles A. Sholtis, CEO of Plastic Molding Technology Inc., received the 2015 Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Business Management Award on March 22, the night before opening day of NPE2015. The award is one of the highest honors SPE bestows on an individual, recognizing outstanding achievement in the management of corporations, according to SPE President Vijay Boolani.

“I am honored simply to have been nominated for this award; to be named the recipient is extraordinary,” Sholtis said. “This honor serves as a validation of the hard work and dedication I’ve put into PMT.”

Sholtis thanked the many people who helped build PMT. “This award is much bigger than me; it is about the people in my factory who work daily in the pursuit of excellence,” he said in his acceptance speech.

Sholtis also attributed winning the award to the support of his family, including his father Charles E. Sholtis, the now-retired founder, Chairman and Chief Engineer of PMT. “He encouraged me to pursue my education and establish a strong work ethic. Because of his support, I became the first Sholtis in our generation to receive an advanced college degree,” he said. Sholtis said this education helped establish the foundation he would later need as the second-generation owner and leader of PMT. View Article

April 8, 2015

Honoring the Industry’s Best at the Plastics Hall of Fame

By Bill Bregar / Plastics News

ORLANDO, FLA — Charles A. Sholtis, CEO of custom injection molder Plastic Molding Technology Inc. in El Paso, Texas, won SPE’s Business Management Award. “This award is much bigger than me. It’s about the people in my factory that work hard every day. It’s also about more — the American dream,” he said. View Article

February 2015

Molder’s Mantra: Go Lean, Stay Green

By Jim Callari / Plastics Technology

If anyone doubts that “shoot-and-ship” molding is a thing of the past, they might want to visit Plastic Molding Technology (PMT), Inc. at its 60,000 ft² plant in El Paso, Tex. The molder is constantly challenging itself, exploring new markets, and investing in new technology. Have you ever heard of a molder with a drone? View Article

February 3, 2015

Plastic Molding Technology’s Charles A. Sholtis Receives SPE Business Management Award

By Clare Goldsberry / Plastics Today

EL PASO, Texas — Charles A. Sholtis, owner and CEO of Plastic Molding Technology, is the 2015 recipient of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Business Management Award. The award is one of the highest honors SPE bestows upon an individual, recognizing outstanding achievements in the management of a corporation, according to current SPE President Vijay Boolani. View Article

January 3, 2015

El Paso Plastic Molding Factory Adds New Equipment

By Vic Kolenc / El Paso Times

EL PASO, Texas — Plastic Molding Technology, or PMT, recently added about $500,000 in new equipment to its East Side factory, company officials reported this week. It added three electric Toshiba, 55-ton plastic-molding machines, which replaced eight machines that were over 15 years old. The factory now has 27 electric plastic-molding machines. It also added a machining center, which boosted capabilities for tool repair and tool engineering. It also added a 3-D printer, which can produce fixtures and sample prototypes in less than 24 hours. View Article

December 30, 2014

PMT Adds More Injection Presses

By Roger Renstrom / Plastics News

Plastic Molding Technology Inc. of El Paso, Texas, invested about $500,000 for three more all-electric presses, a machining center and a three-dimensional printer. To meet production quality demands, the custom injection molder began operating the three 55-ton Toshiba EC55SX molding machines in November and discontinued use of eight presses, each in service for more than 15 years. View Article

June 27, 2014

Plastic Molding Technology’s El Paso Factory Receives Manufacturer of Year Award



By Vic Kolenc / El Paso Times

Getting greener and leaner is not only saving Plastic Molding Technology’s El Paso factory more than $300,000 a year, it’s also brought it a prestigious national award.

PMT, a 40 year-old, family-owned company which moved its operations from Connecticut to El Paso about 10 years ago, is one of two companies to be named Manufacturer of the Year this month by the Manufacturing Leadership Council. The council is a manufacturing executives’ network run by global consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, which is based in California. View Article

June 6, 2014

Plastic Molding Technology, Inc. Named Manufacturer of the Year
at 2014 Manufacturing Leadership Summit

EL PASO, Texas — Plastic Molding Technology, Inc. (PMT) was named Manufacturer of the Year at the 10th Annual Manufacturing Leadership Summit June 6th in Palm Beach, Florida. In addition to being the top honoree among companies with revenues of less than $1 billion, PMT also received the Operational Leadership Award and the Sustainability Leadership Award. View Article

March 17, 2014

Manufacturing Leadership Awards Presented to Plastic Molding Technology Inc.

EL PASO, Texas – Plastic Molding Technology Inc. has been recognized with two 2014 Manufacturing Leadership Awards (ML Awards), presented by the Manufacturing Leadership Council and Frost & Sullivan. PMT was nominated by IQMS for both awards, and received the Sustainability Leadership Award for excellence in its implementation of sustainable practices, as well as an Operational Leadership Award for the company’s exemplary focus on continuous improvement. View Article

March 9, 2014

One Word: Plastics

EL PASO INC. — In a famous scene from the 1967 movie “The Graduate,” Dustin Hoffman’s character receives some career advice from a smug businessman: “I just want to say one word to you. Just one word. Are you listening? Plastics. There’s a great future in plastics.”  View Article in El Paso Inc.

October 2013

PMT Opens Factory Floor to Celebrate Manufacturing Day 2013

EL PASO, TEXAS— Joining 823 manufacturers across the nation, Plastic Molding Technology Inc. (PMT) celebrated Manufacturing Day 2013 on Friday, October 4 with a well-attended plant tour highlighting the importance of manufacturing to the U.S. economy and showcasing the rewarding, highly skilled jobs available in the field. View Article

September 27, 2013

PMT Transitions Total Ownership to CEO Charles A. Sholtis

EL PASO, TEXAS— The ownership of El Paso-based injection molding plant Plastic Molding Technology Inc. has changed hands over the summer, with CEO Charles A. Sholtis taking over as sole owner of the company. View Article

March 2013

Plastic Molding Technology Inc.: On the Cutting-Edge of Energy Innovation

EL PASO, TEXAS — A growing concern for today’s manufacturers across the industry spectrum, energy consumption continues to be a prime target for improving sustainability practices. The focus of much of this concern is on the plastics industry, due to its considerable energy usage and often untapped potential for energy savings. View Article

February 27, 2013

PMT Hosts Congressman Beto O’Rourke and SPI President for Plastics Plant Tour

EL PASO, TEXAS— U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) and Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) president Bill Carteaux toured the El Paso-based manufacturing plant of Plastic Molding Technology, Inc. (PMT) Feb. 21 and discussed critical national and local issues affecting the manufacturing sector. View Article