Chief Executive Officer

Championing Quality, Service and Innovation
While Providing Continuity in Leadership

Charles A. Sholtis is Chief Executive Officer and the sole shareholder of Plastic Molding Technology Inc. (PMT).  A second-generation owner of the Company, Charles joined PMT as Director of Sales and Marketing in 1986 after serving as an officer in the U.S. Navy for four years. In his sales and marketing role, Charles positioned PMT as a product design solution provider for major clients and developed strategic alliances that resulted in exponential growth in sales.

In 1995, Charles was named Vice-President of Operations with overall responsibility for manufacturing.  As vice-president of operations, Charles formalized standard operating procedures and guided the Company to ISO 9000 / QS 9000 certification.

Charles was named President in 1997 and CEO in 1998. Over the past 15 years, Charles has championed PMT’s expansion by first opening a satellite plant in El Paso to meet the needs of Mexican maquiladoras and subsequently consolidating all operations in El Paso.  In addition to managing all aspects of PMT’s operations, Charles continues to play an active role in sales and business development.  He has built and fostered relationships with numerous PMT clients, both large and small, around the world. He was recognized for Business Achievement in 2015 by the Society of Plastics Engineers.

Active Involvement in the Industry and the Community

Charles has been active in industry organizations throughout his career. He has participated in the PLASTICS Industry Association, Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors (MAPP), Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), Connecticut Plastics Council, Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME), the Manufacturing Leadership Summit and Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME). As an El Paso business leader, he participates in initiatives related to the economic growth and prosperity of the El Paso borderplex, which includes Juarez, Mexico and Las Cruces, NM.

Charles graduated from Villanova University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. He also holds a Masters degree in Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.